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    Real Estate Agents can improve the speed of property sales by using Lux-AR, which is a new augmented reality platform for real estate brokers and agencies

    New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2014 -- A new and innovative Real Estate integral service has been launched to help real estate agents and individuals around the world with their marketing. Lux-AR is a new augmented reality platform for real estate brokers and agencies. The new and modern real estate marketing platform aims to make the marketing of properties simplified and cost effective by providing realtors with online marketing tools and iPhone or iPad app where property hunters can instantly discover properties for sale or to rent in their location.

    By providing Real Estate brokers and agencies with a modern approach in marketing, it helps increase the speed a property is sold and reduces the marketing budget on each property.

    Lux-AR strives for excellence in helping real estate agents and individuals achieve a quick sale and to reduce the marketing spend on the property. They understand how marketing a property and the length of time the property is unsold can eat into their profits; that is why the forward thinking Real Estate marketing company have launched their Real Estate integral service where their website is connected to an Augmented Reality APP. The app allows property hunters to see Real Estate agents properties that are listed with them in their location using their iPhone or iPad.

    People thinking of buying a property or renting a property can use the app in their location and move the device around to see if there are any properties available in their area. The app will give the property hunter all the information they need about the property, this includes the price, the company who are selling or renting out the property as well as other important information that helps speed up the sale or a rental.

    The Real Estate marketing experts with their website and app can help speed up the marketing of properties and reduce the marketing budget to increase profits for real estate professionals.

    The service is available to Real Estate agents all around the world and the sign up process has been made simplified. By visiting the Lux-Ar site, and by registering to market properties, professionals in the real estate market can improve the speed a property is sold or rented.

    For full details of Lux-AR and their service, please visit

    About Lux-Ar
    Lux-Ar is a service helping homeowners, realtors, real estate agents, brokers, and contractors advertise their property listings online. Using their innovative Augmented Reality application, they provide clients with an interactive user-experience for their customers with many embedded features such as instant location of listings around the user, 360-degree view of the property’s interior, price, type of listing, real-time information, and much more. Their services extend to clients looking to sell professional courses, as well as new or used cars.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Chantelle Ellis
    Media Relations
    Telephone: 01472319008
    Email: Click to Email Chantelle Ellis

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    Family Reaches Settlement with BofA and Nationstar to Save Their Home

    Pasadena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2014 -- Karen and Ronald Dinson were well on their way to the American Dream. Ronald was doing well working in the film industry, Karen was a stay at home foster mom of needy children and they had their own comfortable home. Life was good. When the economy began its downward slide, Richard’s work hours were cut dramatically. At the same time, their mortgage payment adjusted upward to a much higher rate and an unaffordable payment, a real struggle for this family and their foster children. They fell behind on their mortgage payments and now faced foreclosure.

    Karen approached their lender Bank Of America with a plea for help. “We weren’t looking for a handout,” lamented Karen, “just a little breathing space to catch-up.”

    But Bank of America refused to talk to them. Months of trying turned to years, but after lost paperwork, a “musical chairs” chain of changing bank representatives, no help was forthcoming. Now the Dinsons were 41 payments behind which amounted to $200,000 in arrearage and Bank Of America refused to accept any mortgage payment unless the Dinsons could pay-off the total delinquent balance in full - or nothing!

    “This is an unfortunate scenario we hear too often,” says attorney Art Hoomiratana of in Pasadena. “Once again, another example of the banks accepting taxpayer money but not living up to their end of the bargain to properly review borrowers for all available mortgage relief options to help borrowers save their home from foreclosure – as is required and mandated by government programs, the 2013 Homeowners Bill of Rights and often in violation of other laws. Once you fall behind, banks/mortgage servicers often take so much time to evaluate a borrower’s request for assistance that the continuing delinquency may ruin your credit so you can’t refinance or borrow money to get yourself back on track. If or when a borrower hits that 90 day delinquent mark when the bank/mortgage servicer can legally refuse to accept anything but the full amount of arrears, then they’ve got you,” cautions Art Hoomiratana. “From then on you’re on a fast track to foreclosure, and for most borrowers, at the mercy of the lender/servicer. And that’s not a safe place for a borrower to be,” warns attorney Hoomiratana.

    “I was at my wit’s end, I didn’t know who or where to turn to, I was sure I was going to lose my house and my marriage,” said Karen Dinson. In desperation, the Dinsons sought the legal help of attorney Art Hoomiratana at the in Pasadena, California. That’s when things turned around for the Dinsons.

    “This is not the arena for a non-attorney homeowner to try to seek help alone,” says attorney Art Hoomiratana. Bank Of America was served with legal papers - the defendant in a lawsuit filed by The Law Offices of Art Hoomiratana - and this got their attention. Bank Of America now showed motivation to talk to the Dinsons.

    “This is not what America is supposed to be,” cried the Dinsons. “My firm works to identify defects in documents and procedures and to identify violations of state and federal laws, and when appropriate, we file a lawsuit on behalf of our homeowner clients to help protect their legal rights and hold the lenders/mortgage servicers accountable for their bad acts,” explains real estate litigation attorney Art Hoomiratana. “Very often it is like a David and Goliath experience, fighting big banks with significant funding on behalf of American families who are often experiencing significant financial distress.” Hoomiratana adds “We’re very passionate about the work we do here.”

    “My job is to litigate these cases to settlement for the benefit of our clients and their families.” Such was the case with Karen and Ronald Dinson of Santa Clarita, California.

    The Dinsons lawsuit against Bank Of America was proceeding well and the Bank agreed to settle with the Dinsons, including the restructure of their loan to a payment that they could afford. Midway through the settlement proceedings, however, Bank Of America threw the Dinsons a curveball by transferring servicing of the Dinson’s loan to another mortgage servicer – Nationstar Mortgage.

    “What they did was dishonorable,” asserts Karen Dinson. “It’s a slap in the face for a bank to transfer servicing and thereby disavow further responsibility in a pending settlement in the middle of a negotiation,” says attorney Art Hoomiratana. “Unfortunately, we see this more and more these days. Bank Of America seems to be playing a game of “Hot Potato” with their most troublesome loans, hoping to wiggle out of accountability and the liability of fixing their mistakes.”

    The Law Offices of Art Hoomiratana then re-filed their lawsuit against both Bank Of America AND Nationstar Mortgage, which forced both banks back to the negotiating table.

    The happy result is that a litigation settlement agreement was reached which resulted in the Dinson Family keeping their home, saving a total of over $1300 a month on a restructured mortgage payment with a much lower interest rate. The icing on the cake was that as a part of the litigation settlement, the Dinsons did not have to pay over $195,000 in accumulated delinquency and could begin their “fresh start” with a much more affordable mortgage payment.

    “I am thrilled, this is a big result for my family!” said Karen Dinson. “Honestly, you guys saved my marriage, and I want everyone that is going through what we did, to know that there is hope!”

    [See DINSON v. BANK OF AMERICA, et al. - LASC Case No. PC052381]

    About The Law Offices of Art Hoomiratana / / The Law Offices of Art Hoomiratana is a law firm which focuses on commercial, residential real property law, litigation, and bankruptcy matters

    Attorney Art Hoomiratana and our team bring a wealth of legal experience and seasoned expertise to represent our clients during this difficult economic time, generally considered to be the most difficult real estate crisis in modern times.

    We believe strongly that banks, banking industry lobbyists and predatory lenders have far too much influence in Washington and exist to serve their investors at the expense of their borrowers. Because this current administration cannot, or will not, institute a responsible, effective system of checks and balances for the banking industry, it falls to the legal profession to advocate for the homeowners and small businesses of America.

    To this end, we pride ourselves not only on the excellent results we obtain for our clients, but also on our compassionate service and support to our clients in what is, for many, the most stressful period of their lives. Note: The facts and events of each case are unique and no specific outcome for any legal matter can be guaranteed.

    Our firm is proud that most of our clients come to us by referral from satisfied past clients. Please contact us to tell us your story. We look forward to speaking with you and hope to provide value and benefit to you.


    For further information, please contact
    Mary Rosendale
    750 E. Green St. Suite 333
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    Tel: 888-688-4770
    Fax: 888-848-4570

    Further information can be viewed at:

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Mary Rosendale
    Telephone: 888-688-4770
    Email: Click to Email Mary Rosendale

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    Sacramento, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2014 -- 800-BUY-KWIK, the national leader in branding and marketing solutions for real estate investors, has updated its website, It is now easier than ever for real estate investors to secure their territory! The 800-BUY-KWIK branding and marketing platform provides qualified real estate investors with a cost effective solution to quickly position themselves as a dominant force in their local market. The .biz segment of 800-BUY-KWIK is focused on leveraging its brand recognition and turn key marketing into the hands of experienced real estate investors across the United States.

    With the newly streamlined checkout process, potential representatives can quickly and easily view available 800-BUY-KWIK territories by submitting a one-step form. After interested investors submit the form, they have instant access to view all of the available markets in the country, including estimated population and basic demographics in the selected market. Once a potential representative has located their desired market they can quickly and easily secure their 800-BUY-KWIK territory with a few KWIK clicks. 800-BUY-KWIK offers an exclusive option that will guarantee undisputed rights to all the motivated sellers.

    “Our goal in designing a simple checkout process was to get eager investors setup in their region in less than 15 minutes,” says Raul Chavez, owner of 800-BUY-KWIK. Once new representatives complete the checkout process, they are granted full access to “turn key” marketing in the form of TV, Radio, and internet ads, as well as a plethora of traditional branded materials such as signs, billboard templates, and more. For investors just starting out, or experienced investors working on dominating their market, the 800-BUY-KWIK brand provides instant recognition and unparalleled connections to help investors secure new, motivated seller leads. “No matter how new the representative is to the business,” says Raul, “they can see results fast, and that’s our primary goal.”

    In addition to the new and improved website, 800-BUY-KWIK has also implemented their Facebook business page. Followers of the 800-BUY-KWIK Facebook page receive frequent business tips and real estate leads. The daily posts range from marketing advice for real estate investors, to market specific news for investors looking to maintain an edge in todays market. The page also features a weekly segment that recaps the top real estate news of the week. Investors interested in getting a taste of all 800-BUY-KWIK has to offer should follow their Facebook page here.

    About 800-BUY-KWIK
    800-BUY-KWIK is a branding and marketing platform designed exclusively for motivated real estate investors. The 800-BUY-KWIK brands helps investors secure a substantial number of real estate deals in their markets by providing easy to use quality tools that reinforce their professional image. Pooling the resources of hundreds of investors nationwide, the 800-BUY-KWIK program provides local investors with the leverage to capitalize on a national marketing program and put a premier brand to work for them. Representatives receive exclusive access to all the motivated seller leads in their designated territory. This program is not for the casual or part time investor. If you’re looking to secure qualified, motivated, real estate leads that convert to real deals in as little as 24 hours, the 800-BUY-KWIK program is for you! For more information on becoming a 800-BUY-KWIK representative, visit or call 1-800-998-1214.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Raul Chavez
    Telephone: 800-289-5945
    Email: Click to Email Raul Chavez

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    Perth, Western Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2014 -- Valuations WA is an independent Perth Property Valuation and Real Estate Consultancy company that provides accurate valuations within 24-48 hours. The team of licensed Perth property valuers offers residential and commercial valuations along with replacement costs estimates (for insurance purposes), unit entitlements and compensation for compulsory acquisitions and resumptions.

    Commercial and residential investors know all-too-well that the in-house valuations provided by their lenders are not always in their favor. In fact, most lenders tend to under-value the property to reduce their risks. Therefore, lenders’ valuation reports often reflect values that are significantly lower than the property’s true market value. Lenders hold the cards when it comes to the valuations report in that they’re not obligated to provide the details to the investor.

    Diligent investors always enter negotiations armed with appropriate information. An independent report issued by property valuers in Perth helps the buyer spot good investments – as long as it’s completed before final negotiations.

    Perth property valuers, like Valuations WA, provide detailed reports that cover every aspect of the property valuation. The lengthy report reflects the actual market value of the property based on analysis software, recent sales in the suburb, property inspection and other crucial factors. The report also includes the market risk score, which predicts the property’s ability to maintain its value over time.

    Perth property valuations are not only useful when purchasing property. They provide valuable insight when refinancing and for other steps along the holding journey. Valuations WA provide reports to meet a multitude of needs including valuations for capital gains tax, probates, property settlements, retrospective taxation, and divorce separations – for both residential and commercial properties.

    When asked about the firm’s unique selling proposition, Jenny Greenhalgh said, “Any independent valuer is a thousand times better than relying on an in-house service provided by the lender. However, some third-party firms also rely on real estate sales in order to subsidize income. Our advantage comes from the fact that we do not sell property or act as sales agents. This keeps our valuations completely unbiased. Our clients know that our accurate valuations are always completed with their best interests.”

    An independent and professional valuation is an indispensable investment that is worth the cost. Valuations WA, a distinguished name in the Perth area, provides a diverse array of services for both residential and commercial clients. These Perth property valuers promise timely and accurate valuations along with a guarantee of excellent service that will fit any budget.

    About Valuations WA
    Valuations WA is an independent Perth Property Valuation and Real Estate Consultancy company. Located in suburban Osborne Park our office provides valuations and real estate advice across Western Australia, efficiently and at a competitive rate. Our valuers are all Certified Practising Valuers and members of the Australian Property Institute.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Chad O'Reilly
    Valuations WA
    Telephone: (08) 92421611
    Email: Click to Email Chad O'Reilly

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    Peoria, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/23/2014 -- Coconut Grove Realty has issued a statement that the services on the website have been upgraded and further refined. According to a company spokesperson, Coconut Grove real estate listings have increased, and amenities in the community are displayed along with property information.

    Anyone who’s kept an eye on the Biscayne Bay area knows that the community is not just one of the oldest but one of the classiest in Florida. As a premium piece of real estate, the community provides quick access to the Metrorail, the airport and downtown Miami. According to industry observers, its proximity to these strategic areas is the reason why it is now a hot prospect.

    In several interviews with property owners, it’s been pointed out that another reason why Coconut Grove homes for sale are snapped up quickly has to do with its atmosphere. Aside from the lush sceneries and beautiful views, there’s plenty of jazz and reggae in the clubs and bars nearby, which provides a cozy ambiance.

    Since the area has attracted several prospective buyers, experts have advised interested parties to seek the aid of qualified real estate agents. Since there are several properties available, help from a professional will be necessary when it comes to property valuation and assessment.

    Aside from Coconut Grove condos, prospective buyers are also enticed by the waterfront parks that offer beautiful views of the seas and sailboats. According to a Coconut Grove Realty spokesperson, the listings on the website have been updated and include all available properties.

    About Coconut Grove Realty
    Coconut Grove Realty provides comprehensive and updated listings of available properties in the Coconut Grove community. The website also has information about available amenities, prices and other relevant details. For more details and inquiries please visit the official website at

    Contact Details:
    Claude G. Brooks
    4182 Trainer Avenue
    Peoria, IL 61602

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Claude G. Brooks
    Telephone: 305-206-4003
    Email: Click to Email Claude G. Brooks

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    Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 -- Dale Sorensen Real Estate of Brevard LLC recently upgraded its website and announced an expansion of its online services. Aside from a comprehensive search function, the website provides answers to common questions related to Melbourne Beach real estate and Brevard County.

    In recent years, the value of properties in Brevard County has gone up, and it is now considered one of the most attractive locations in area. According to experts, the reason for the increased valuation lies in the development of numerous golf courses, condominiums, and private communities in the area. Interviews with real estate experts also reveal that riverfront, beachside and oceanfront properties continue to grow.

    While the demand for Melbourne Beach FL real estate continues to rise, experts say that the services of brokerage firms are still necessary. However, not just any service will do as only one with experience in the industry can be depended upon. It’s also imperative for a brokerage service to offer detailed listings online so it will be easier for someone to search for specific properties.

    Armed with this information, a prospective property buyer will be better informed and avoid mistakes that usually plague buyers in a hurry.

    In line with this, Dale Sorensen Real Estate of Brevard announced they have updated their listings to include the latest properties in the area that are for sale. Besides information about homes for sale in Viera FL, the company offers information about undeveloped lots as well.

    About Dale Sorensen Real Estate
    Dale Sorensen Real Estate of Brevard LLC is an online brokerage firm designed to help clients find the best available property in the area. To this end, their website provides a wide array of tools to help one find the most ideal locations. For more details and particulars, please visit their official website at

    Contact Details:
    Alexander P. Collins
    4963 Pinchelone Street
    Norfolk, VA 23504

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Alexander P. Collins
    Email: Click to Email Alexander P. Collins

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    Stockbridge, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 -- Packed with dozens of community and apartment amenities, this quality apartment complex is featuring generous floor plans to accommodate singles, couples, and families. Carrington Ridge Apartments will satisfy its residents with a premiere relocation program and short-term lease options.

    Indoors tenants will find the units cable and Internet ready and enjoy private patios on the lower floor or balconies on the upper floors. The kitchens are equipped with major appliances, disposals, dishwashers, and microwaves. Stay cool in the summer with central air conditioning and ceiling fans, and warm in the winter with central heating. In selected units, enjoy a deep garden tub, traditional wood burning fireplace, high ceilings, and crown moldings. Carrington Ridge Apartments is a smoke-free environment where pets are allowed for a one-time fee, with some breed restrictions.

    Located within the award winning Eagle’s Landing School District, Carrington Ridge Apartments features incredible outdoor amenities for every member of the family.

    For those who desire a lively social life, resident activities are scheduled on a regular basis. For the health-conscious, a lighted tennis court, fitness center, and resort-style pool are sure to accommodate those who wish to keep fit. The kids will love the playground while the adults mingle in the coffee and tea bar, community clubhouse, or business center. Extra amenities include 24-hour maintenance response, after hours emergency maintenance service, a clothing care center, controlled access entry, courtesy night patrol, and a free package receiving option.

    With a secure website, convenient online rent payment options including a mobile app, and premiere customer service, residents feel welcome and at home in these affordable, high-end living spaces. They are not only comfortable but wheelchair accessible as well. The location is superb, with easy access to highways, nightlife, dining, entertainment, schools, outdoor activities, and more. At Carrington Ridge, there are conveniences for the entire family.

    To see Carrington Ridge Apartments, first visit the website to view floor plans, photos, maps, and more: . For a grand tour, call or stop by during these convenient business hours:

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am-6pm
    Tuesday, Thursday 9am-7pm
    Saturday 10am-5pm

    About Carrington Ridge Apartments
    The Carrington Ridge Apartments are professionally managed by Cottonwood Residential, offering clean and beautiful apartment living along with high-end amenities.

    Contact Information
    Phone: 866-548-5733
    Address: 860 Rock Quarry Road, Stockbridge, GA 30281
    Contact: Connect to reserve a pleasant new living space today!

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Scott Hayes
    Email: Click to Email Scott Hayes

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    Charlotte, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 -- Today, a local realtor marketing company dedicated to local business development launched its new primary product. In celebration of the release, the company is offering 65% off the package reservation fee for brokers who claim their territory before August 25th. Only one broker is accepted per territory.

    There are over one million agents in the US alone. With high competition, agents need to bring value and stand out to prospective clients.

    The newly released Ultimate Keeper Card does just that. This product is a farming marketing program for local South Charlotte real estate agents.

    Designed by an expert designer, the giant custom postcard mailer is nearly a foot wide, and nine inches tall, capturing the homeowner’s attention at first glance.

    One side of the postcard displays the agent’s custom marketing message, while the other is packed with desirable special offers from local eateries- enticing the neighborhood residents to visit the best local businesses in town.

    “We are excited to present this opportunity to South Charlotte brokers to not only increase their visibility and build ties with prominent local businesses,” explains Suzanne Moore, Coordinator for The Ultimate Keeper Card, “But also give value to the residents they service.”

    Data has shown adults with household income of $100k are 2x as likely to use coupons as those with household income of 35k. So Real Estate Agents can rest easy- this is a welcome piece of mail.

    With the popularity of the Queen’s Feast, it is standing proof that special offers from South Charlotte restaurants are well received by prospects. For information on reaching the most desirable South Charlotte communities, visit their website at

    About The Ultimate Keeper Card Company
    This newly founded marketing company is based in South Charlotte NC. The Ultimate Keeper Card works to build the relationship between realtors, communities, and local businesses. Using farming marketing techniques, custom created 9x12 postcards are sent to selected neighborhoods from local real estate agents. The postcards include the most popular local restaurants offering exclusive offers on the front, and the realtor’s custom marketing message on the back.

    Suzanne Moore
    Ultimate Keeper Card
    Charlotte, NC

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Suzanne Moore
    Ultimate Keeper Card
    Telephone: 704-469-5089
    Email: Click to Email Suzanne Moore

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    Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 -- Learning how to succeed in real estate has potentially become much easier, with the announcement author and expert real estate investor Lolita Sheriow new book “21 Steps on How to Take Action and Get Results in Real Estate” is poised to be released. Anticipation from those looking for information on how to get started in real estate is high.

    There's many real estate investing books, but many are of very suspect quality or value. Enter author Lolita Sheriow “aka” Lo, expert real estate investor, who's widely regarded as one of the quickest rising African American women in real estate and her new book “21 Steps on How to Take Action and Get Results in Real Estate”. Sheriow, has set a goal towards providing clear and actionable information on how to succeed in real estate, and all signs are pointing towards her efforts being a resounding success.

    “I know it can be difficult to find the right real estate investing training, it's something I've experience myself,” commented Sheriow. “I know the lessons (good and bad) I've learned that have led me to the point where I am now are highly valuable and I'm grateful to have the chance to share them. Follow the 21 Steps in my new book and see the results with your own eyes. I think you will be impressed!”

    Sheriow, in the last seven years, has been involved in over 250 real estate transactions with a total value over $10 million dollars. In addition, she is a self-taught expert in internet and social media marketing, and a very well respected motivational speaker and coach. The main driving point that unifies her vision is the all-important need to take action, the focus and subject of her new book.

    “21 Steps on How to Take Action and Get Results in Real Estate” makes it debut on on July 29th, 2014. A special pre-release “early bird” offer is being made available on Sheriow's very popular website.

    The new book is being waited on with much anticipation.

    Mark Evans DM, DN, Real Estate Investor, Best Selling Author and World Traveler, recently said, “I've known Lo for 6 years. She's a true leader and mentor for real estate investors, and definitely one to mimic! If you want to finally break out of your real estate investing rut and become an action-taking superstar, listen to Lo.”

    It's clear that when Lolita Sheriow shares real estate tips both men and women real estate investors would be very wise to listen.

    For more information be sure to visit or call (817) 439-0843.

    About Lolita Sheriow
    Lolita Sheriow is an expert real estate investor, entrepreneur, author, mentor and motivator. She is a native of Henderson, TX and a proud 1992 graduate of Henderson High.

    Her website is

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Lolita Sheriow
    Email: Click to Email Lolita Sheriow

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    Having 60 more votes to advance in the final vote is all that’s needed to pass the bill in Senate to approve the expansion of hunting lands, shooting, and other sportsmen’s activities on federal lands, as reported by The Blaze. In the recent voting held early July, senators voted 82-12 which is a good sign that the bill will likely be approved.

    Madison, MS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/25/2014 -- In the last few years, the proposal by the bipartisan party to allocate federal lands to hunting and shooting activities has been jolting around Congress and a number of proposals were geared towards allowing people to utilize the thousands of acres of land run by the federal government.

    In the said proposal, target ranges are envisioned to be placed on public lands where target shooting, hunting, and fishing will be allowed. The ban on the use of fishing gear with lead components that was mandated due to environmental concerns, will also be lifted. People who are importing polar bear trophies can freely do so as well once the bill has been approved.

    This bill however, is being opposed by some Democrats who still believe that people’ rights of using guns should not be further expanded. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal, Democratic Senators of Connecticut finalized their decision to vote against the bill. They both conceded to the idea of having stern gun regulations. Murphy stated that there are few more important restrictions that should be prioritized by the government when it comes to gun use. What is more important, according to him, is talk about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and stopping the epidemic of gun violence in the USA.

    Despite oppositions’ take on the issue of utilizing federal lands for hunting and shooting, the number of senators who are against the approval of the bill seem not to suffice for the bill not to be passed. According to reports, “the House has passed similar legislation a few times over the last few years, and the language in the Senate is a product of Sens. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.) and Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska). The Senate bill also includes some language related to habitat conservation, which helped attract bipartisan support.”

    Senator Hagan firmly believes that the bill is vital for future generations of Americans to benefit from the various activities that can be done using government-owned lands. Shortage of public shooting ranges across the US has been a recent issue and the proposed bill will allow the states to assign federal land proportions in creating and maintaining shooting ranges.

    About Sartain’s Heritage Properties LLC
    Sartain’s Heritage Properrties LLC is the business of land; their goal is to show you the benefits of land ownership and how to maximize their customer’s investment. They take the time with each client to explore all of the opportunities each property offers. Whether it is strictly for investment purposes, or to find the perfect hunting retreat for their client’s family, in each situation, they work diligently to maximize the return on investment their clients are making. Contacting Sartain’s Heritage Properties is definitely the best choice to start a search for that special hunting land in Mississippi!

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Galin Georgiev
    Sartain's Heritage Properties, LLC.
    Telephone: 601-856-2720
    Email: Click to Email Galin Georgiev

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    Lancashire, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2014 -- A prominent serviced apartments Croydon company announces the availability of their serviced apartments to those who are travelling to or transiting from the United Kingdom. This is good news to those who have to go to England and need an affordable lodging place.

    Shortstay Croydon, an operator of clean, safe and affordable short term serviced apartments in the United Kingdom has been in this business for many years. They have already developed a reputation of being an indispensable aid to travellers who are looking for a worthy place to stay for a day or two.

    Their lodging premises are much more convenient than a hotel experience since the casual ambience of their rooms is just like what people have in their own homes, a relaxed, secured and private atmosphere. A temporary resident can cook his own food and welcome his own guests, just like he would in his own home.

    The rent at Shortstay Croydon is very affordable since all the extra expenses such as utilities, electricity, taxes and concierge services are already included in their room rates. Even the weekly linen and housekeeping service are already included in the rent.

    As for comfort and luxury, apartments at Shortstay Croydon are fully furnished, luxury style. All the things that a person needs for his short stay are provided for – fully. One can stay in a serviced apartment for a few nights, or even a few months.

    About Shorstay Croydon
    Shortstay Croydon is a company that rents out fully furnished serviced apartments in the East Croydon. A typical apartment sleeps up to five people, with facilities for cooking and entertaining, just like a private residence. For more details, visit their website at

    Contact Details

    Kenneth L. McCormick
    87 Southlands Road
    PL23 2ES
    Phone: 078 7761 5632

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Kenneth L. McCormick
    Telephone: 078 7761 5632
    Email: Click to Email Kenneth L. McCormick

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    Oakland, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2014 -- United Realty and Associates, a reputable Arlington real estate company in Texas, announces the availability of their services to people who are looking for properties to buy or sell in the surrounding area. This is welcome news to those who are finding it difficult to dispose of their properties, or to choose a house that has the location and the right price.

    These Arlington TX real estate experts make it easy to buy or sell a house or property in this area. Since they already know the current status of the real estate industry in Arlington, a buyer or a seller needs only to hire their services, and they will surely get the right deal in a relatively short time.

    The knowledge, experience, skill and expertise of their real estate experts are brought to the fore as they help their customers scour the throughout Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, and Denton counties for the best house to buy. This is the same service they provide for customers who want to sell their properties.

    United Realty and Associates know and understand the real estate needs of their clients and they strive to satisfy these needs in the best way they can. This dedication to their craft translates into a very efficient and professional real estate experience for their clients.

    About United Realty and Associates
    United Realty and Associates is an Arlington Real Estate company that provides valuable services to customers thinking of buying or selling properties in Texas. They maintain a website at where customers can visit to get the help they need. There are many resources in their website that their customers can use to obtain the information that they need.

    Contact Details
    Angie J. Watson
    1314 Lucy Lane
    Evansville, IN 47710
    Phone: 812-491-7396

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Angie J. Watson
    Telephone: 707-723-2032
    Email: Click to Email Angie J. Watson

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    Real estate agents can make a smooth and a stressful dealing in the field of real estate business.

    Raleigh, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2014 -- Buying a home is an amazing feeling. Many people consider it as the finest experience of their life, as they spend all their earned money on it and tend to secure the ownership of such a home which is not only attractive but also holds good monetary value.Real estate agent miltonare an important resource for buying and selling of properties. They remain well side by side with latest land investment news. They know about cost, local zoning, tax laws and appropriate information about every locality. Make one’s mind clear about agents and brokers.

    Brokers are licensed contractors who manage their own business while milton real estate agent work for brokers and acquire commissions once a property sells.They will present one with a long list of properties according totheir requirements. Once one narrow down the list of properties from the list, these agents will take them to the plots and show them the particular properties on sale. They ideally show all the good and bad points about all the property development projects one see.

    When it comes to selling of properties like luxury apartments, milton real estate agentssuggestions can be of massive help. They will be able to aid oneto benefit the most as they keep in touch with potential buyers. They will provide information about latest market prices and ensure that the property is sold at the right price.

    About is a company’s site who is a group of real estate agents in Milton. They are very elegant. They can provide every information that one wants. With them one can acquire the best possible return on their investment.

    Contact Information
    City: Raleigh
    State: NC
    Country: United States
    Contact Name: Evelyn T. Hayden
    Contact Email:
    Complete Address: 1515 Stratford Court
    Raleigh, NC 27601
    Zip Code: 27601
    Contact Phone: 919-716-9274


    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Steve Kaplan
    Telephone: 919-716-9274
    Email: Click to Email Steve Kaplan

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    Scottsdale, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2014 -- Hanson Capital Group is excited to announce that it’s bringing back owner-occupied stated income loans and subprime lending, two types of loans that have been absent from the marketplace for nearly six years.

    For those unfamiliar with these financial terms, here’s a quick definition of each.

    Stated Income Loans
    Loans in which a lender does not verify the borrower’s income. Instead, the borrower simply lists their income on the loan application with no supplemental documentation necessary.

    Subprime loans
    A type of loan offered at a rate above prime to individuals who do not qualify for a traditional loan due to a bad credit score or low income.

    Due to the burst of the housing bubble in 2007, stated income and subprime loans temporarily disappeared, but now they’re back and better than ever. Out of all the private lenders in Phoenix, Hanson Capital Group is one of the only ones that currently offers these types of loans.

    For more information of their new loan programs, please click here or call 480-685-4923

    About Hanson Capital Group
    Hanson Capital Group (HCG) is a Phoenix, Arizona based lender specializing in hard money and collateral based loans for investment real estate. HCG provides short-term private financing for residential, multi-family, and commercial properties. Borrowers enjoy the benefits of quick decisions and rapid funding for their mortgage banking needs.

    Hanson Capital Group
    14700 N Airport Drive Suite 201
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Micah Castro
    SEO Manager
    Telephone: 480-685-4923
    Email: Click to Email Micah Castro

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    Packed with dynamic and comprehensive features, the latest WordPress Plugin from Easy Property Listings will make it easier for the real estate agents and WordPress developers to add property listings in their website!

    Melbourne, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2014 -- Easy Property Listings is pleased to announce the launch of its new innovative WordPress Plugin to help millions of WordPress developers and real estate agents worldwide create amazing real estate websites with least effort.

    It has been developed on REAXML ( format that comes with dozens of options and hundreds of custom fields. Moreover, it is a free plugin that can be later upgraded to new license bundle pack based on the requirements of the user.

    The free Easy Property Listings wp plugin is quite a unique plugin that can change the real estate world by giving wp developers and real estate agents a unique opportunity to create websites through custom features only.

    In other words, the users can choose from a wide range of license bundles and features that best suits their needs such as Developer License Bundle, Business License Bundle, Personal License Bundle, Listing templates, Business Directory, Awards, Testimonial Manager, Advanced Mapping, Location Profiles, and many more.

    Since, most of the real estate businesses are using WordPress nowadays; this new plugin can come quite handy for real estate development. In other words, by simply installing this plugin, users can take their potential earnings to a whole new level.

    Some of the key features of this plugin are:

    - 7 separate listing post types- property, commercial, rental, land, rural, business and commercial land

    - Users can use RSS sender such as the MailChimp for sending separate alerts for rental, property, commercial, etc

    - A 100% free plugin with no hidden charges

    - User can have a quick overview of their listings, update their listing prices or check open schedules

    - Users can choose from a huge selection of themes

    - Custom Labels (suburb, postcode, home open, no price)

    - Text pricing option, Google Maps, Custom Meta Fields

    - Author box, which allows the user to display contact number or social media sites

    - Home Open Short Codes, Minimal CSS, Listing Search Widget

    - Settings can be configured easily

    - Listing Short Code, Own Lightbox Plugin, Multiple Author Widget

    - Responsive CSS, Listing Features Taxonomy, User Profile Links

    - Listing Gallery Widget, Location Taxonomy, Listing Widget

    It is quite easy to install and set up Easy Property Listings wp plugin on a WordPress site. In fact, users will be able to add their first listing in a matter of just few minutes after installation. To download the plugin, simply visit:

    About Easy Property Listings
    Easy Property Listings WP Plugin is the brainchild of Merv Barrett, which has been created to help real estate businesses, agents and developers build stunning websites with most advanced features.

    For more information, simply visit:

    To check out the extensions, simply visit:

    Easy Property Listings

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Tol Bayo
    Easy Property Listings
    Email: Click to Email Tol Bayo

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    Stafford Housing has long been a leading housing and apartments company in Texas, and is now looking to brighten the future with the industry’s foremost sustainability policies.

    Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2014 -- A house or apartment built today will last for a great many years. As such, future-proofing is more essential in real estate than in almost any other sector, where planned obsolescence helps make products disposable.

    When seeking temporary accommodation, many people want to feel like they’re in a place that could last a lifetime, while sustainability and environmental efficiency help make temporary accommodation more financial viable for all. Stafford Housing is one of the leading purveyors of corporate housing and corporate furnished apartments in Houston, Austin and Dallas, and has introduced new, stringent sustainability policies for all their high-end temporary housing.

    Stafford Housing leads the way with their Energy and Environment initiative, used by their specialized business group for all temporary accommodation. This ensures that they are able to provide the lowest rates on high-end accommodation as well as being a responsible and sustainable source of temporary housing.

    The group guarantees that sustainability is a major focus, and carries out regular environment-based assessments of all properties and projects to ensure they are optimally tuned to deliver maximum efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the experience.

    All their fully furnished apartments in Houston can be viewed directly from the website and can be inquired about and even booked online so as to streamline the whole process, using high quality images, detailed descriptions and even multimedia material to help users get a full appreciation of each property on offer.

    A spokesperson for Stafford Housing explained, “Stafford Housing stands as the finest Houston corporate housing and real-estate services provider, and that reputation has been earned built on a track record of excellence in client service. To ensure the continuity of quality and excellence in client services, we operate under a global quality accreditation of ISO 9001:2000. This is a hallmark by which potential clients can rest assured they will receive the best accommodation for their experience, their wallet and for the world.”

    About Stafford Housing
    Stafford Housing's website is to help prospective clients to not only reach out to us when looking for fully furnished apartments or corporate housing but also be able to browse our website to find the perfect property for them. Visitors can also request properties straight from the website. For more information please visit:

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Sami Khan
    Telephone: 888-721-2227
    Email: Click to Email Sami Khan

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    A liquidation sale that will give people the chance to own a second home at Bay Tree Lakes below market prices has got people in Wilmington, NC - Fayetteville, NC - Raleigh, NC areas excited

    New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2014 -- An exciting opportunity has now been made available for people to have a chance to buy a lot at Bay Tree Lakes, which is a stunning North Carolina waterfront community like no other. With unique waterways and amazing views, it has been described as a truly magical place.

    The Liquidation lot sale will offer people the best deal of 2014 with Deep Water, Dockable Waterway Homesites from just $39,900 and Private Wooded Water Access Homesites from just $14,900. A spokesman in charge of the Liquidation sale said these prices would never be seen again.

    The Bay Tree Lakes ( liquidation which offers some great forest, waterway and lake front homesites, are being sold well below developer costs, giving buyers one of the best deals of their lives. The sale, which will take place on The 9th August, has been described as one of the best investment opportunities in America of 2014. As soon as the buyer purchases their lot, they will have a positive investment.

    Appointments are currently being taken to attend the sale. Interested parties who would like to have a chance of taking part in one of the biggest investment opportunities currently available, should call 877-863-8635 Ext 800 for their chance to have a second home with stunning views well below market prices.

    Karla Bell, with the Waterfront Sales team, is excited about the upcoming August 9th sale. "We have had a huge response for our upcoming sale," says Bell, "Interested buyers are vying for a preferred appointment time to be able to take advantage of our waterfront properties that will be priced from only $39,900. Bell suggests not waiting to make an appointment for the sale since the properties will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

    People looking for a stunning second home have been warned that this opportunity will never come around again, and all interested parties should visit the Bay Tree Lakes website

    About The Bay Tree Lakes ( liquidation Sale
    The sale will take place on 9th August, and will give people the chance to own a second home at below developer prices.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Jeff Passot
    Media Relations
    Telephone: 877-863-8635
    Email: Click to Email Jeff Passot

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    Toronto, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/07/2014 -- Chris Allen, Toronto’s Real Estate Authority and author of The Book on Toronto Real Estate is a man about town in Toronto, and he now has the chance to prove just how much this is true.

    Out of over 40,000 realtors in the Greater Toronto Area, Allen is nominated for the Most Knowledgeable Realtor in Toronto. His areas of nomination are the neighborhoods of North York and Downtown, some of the best locations in the city.

    The contest is sponsored by, a site dedicated to the various public and private schools in and around Toronto. Visitors can read articles and information about the various school choices or learn about advantages and disadvantages of public and private schools.

    “The site is running this contest because they are quite familiar with the schools, but know they can complement the readers experience with input from experts in the surrounding real estate. This is where myself and the other realtors come in. This contest is just a way to share and expand knowledge for both the schools and the realtors who serve their neighborhoods and districts,” said Allen.

    Allen is one of a select few who are in the running for this particular award. The selection is by online vote only, and several neighborhoods are represented. Allen is nominated in the two listed above. He is soliciting help from his friends and clients in helping him take this award.

    The contest opens on August 1st and runs to the end of the month. The votes will be tallied and the winner announced on September 2nd. Each winner will have a feature on the page, as well as have the opportunity to answer questions about their specific neighborhoods.

    Allen, meanwhile, will be continuing to do what he loves and does best, helping Toronto natives and recent arrivals find a home.

    Voting is live. Go to and to vote for Chris Allen. Be sure to return to the site on September 2nd to see who won. Additionally to learn more about Chris Allen and his real estate practice visit

    Contact: Chris Allen
    Slavens & Associates RE inc.
    Phone 416.483.4337
    435 Eglinton Ave W
    Toronto On, M5N 1A4

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Chris Allen
    Slavens & Associates RE inc.
    Telephone: 416-483-4337
    Email: Click to Email Chris Allen

    0 0 publishes new information concerning real estate speculation, real estate investment, and the differences between the two

    Century City, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2014 -- Many confuse real estate speculating with real estate investing and that is their downfall, according to Scott McGillivray of HGTV. Those serious about generating wealth understand the process takes time, as opposed to those who speculate in the real estate market and expect to make a quick buck. Investing in real estate continues to be a smart move, when one is prepared for lean times and treats the property as a business. Those interested in investing in the real estate market find there is plenty of land to choose from, land one may improve on to boost their investment portfolio.

    "From Alaska land for sale to California land for sale, one finds amazing deals if they know where to look. Purchase 24.65 acres in Kenai, Alaska for the low price of $31,990 or buy land in California for as little at $5,950. Thanks to the amazing low prices on many properties, one discovers they can purchase land and often pay cash to do so," Dietmar Zirngast of Noricum Corporation declares.

    Many opt to look into Kenai peninsula land for sale as they dream of living in the mountains, and this area lies in the midst of the Kenai Fjords National Park. Residents enjoy salmon fishing on the Kenai River and other rivers in the area, while others prefer to spend their time investigating the glaciers of the Sargent and Harding Icefields. Here one may choose to purchase land near Seward, Kenai, and Homer.

    "With the relatively mild climate, many find the Kenai peninsula is exactly where they wish to live. This remains one of the few areas within Alaska where one can grow hay and other crops, thanks to the adequate growing season, and the area holds petroleum, coal, and natural gas deposits. Many refer to the area as 'Alaska's Playground' and it's easy to see why as there are numerous opportunities for hunting and fishing," Zirngast explains.

    Others choose to research available land in California, with Modoc County being a preferred location. Located in the northeastern part of the state, Modoc County is home to approximately 9,600 people, making it one of the least populated areas of the state. Bordering Oregon and Nevada, the county remains largely federal land and was once home to many Native American cultures.

    "From the Medicine Lake Highlands to the Big Valley, Modoc County offers something for every resident. One may explore the lava caves and Hot Springs or take a trip on the Sage Stage. When one is looking for land to purchase, Modoc County needs to be at the top of the list, right alongside the Kenai peninsula. All are sure to find land they love and can't wait to call home," Zirngast proclaims.

    About Noricum Corporation
    Noricum Corporation offers land for sale in California and Alaska for individuals looking to buy for investment purposes or personal use. The database provides listings for land in a range of geographical areas, and staff remains available to answer any questions concerning a property. In addition, the staff works with clients to determine which piece of land best meets their needs and prides themselves on offering only the best plots currently for sale with the goal being to successfully help each client find their perfect land.

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Dietmar Zirngast
    Telephone: 310-407-5456
    Email: Click to Email Dietmar Zirngast

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    Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/12/2014 -- All of the services offered by Power of Sale Ontario are aimed at assisting homeowners to get lower interest mortgages and stop foreclosures or power of sales.

    Critics have been predicting a Canadian housing market crash since the U.S. housing bubble burst. Last week Fitch Ratings added its voice, saying Canada’s real estate market is as much as 20 per cent overpriced.

    Stephan Poloz the Governor of the Bank of Canada has stated that the Canadian bank rate will stay at 1 percent, where it’s been for four years, and things may not change for two more years. The fear is that low interest rates will continue to drive housing prices up creating a housing price bubble, which will then lead to a housing crash.

    To avoid a housing price bubble the Bank of Canada has made a number of changes to make it harder to get a mortgage. The changes include a maximum amortization period of 25 years, a reduction in CMHC insurance and the ability to pay a mortgage if interest rates increase to 5 percent. A small increase in the bank rate of 1 percent, means a 33 percent increase in interest payments for many people.

    The changes by the Bank of Canada have resulted in many mortgages not being renewed and falling into default. This has led to an increase in foreclosures and power of sales in Ontario and across Canada.

    This is where Power of Sales Ontario comes in. Their services include getting a new mortgage and specialized service for people who are facing a foreclosure or power of sale. Client's can save thousands of dollars in interest payments and even keep their home out of foreclosure.

    Ronald Alphonso, (President of Power of Sale Ontario) stated that "it is important to protect homeowners in their time of need, our goal is to reduce their costs and keep them in their home". For some homeowners this simply means getting a new mortgage, for other it means access to lawyers and a detailed outline of the foreclosure process. Those interested in a new mortgage or help with a foreclosure or power of sale can find more information at the company's website.

    Have any questions regarding a power of sale or foreclosure, please email or call 647-385-2122.

    Ronald Alphonso is a mortgage agent, licence number M11001286.

    This site is designed to help people whose home may be facing power of sale or foreclosure in Ontario. We will explain how to stop a power of sale or prevent an eviction.

    You can find more foreclosure information at our web site

    For more information on this press release visit:

    Media Relations Contact

    Ronald Alphonso
    Email: Click to Email Ronald Alphonso

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